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"Their world is simpler than ours, unpredictable than ours and brutal than ours. Yet they continue to amaze me with just how they carry on"

Wildlife travel and photography - a passion to be in the wild, a need to rejuvenate, a skill to frame the untamed, and an experience to never forget. With over 10 years of traveling within India and Africa a deep sense of understanding and photographing their inhabitants - it is an experience I get my guests to feel. Be it kids, families, photographers, or just pure nature lovers these opportunities offer a scintillating experience. Explore and embark on one such experience of a lifetime.

Join me alongside naturalists and natives to understand, appreciate, and document some of the unimaginable wildlife moments.



As a fine art photographer, the joy of sharing nature and its elements is fulfilled even so more when those frames reach your home. Whether it is the elements, the personality, or the sheer wilderness that you want to connect with, its there to be realized as a part of your home.


The efforts to produce a print is carried all the way through image selection, processing, and printing on a fine art paper. The image, just as the scene etched in memory, stays for 100 years or more. Go ahead, choose from the array of images tailored to 'Bring Nature - Home'.


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